Extract Candidates makes it easier for users like you to extract B2B contact information like email id and phone number from their social media and lets you discover new leads and build targeted lists in real-time.

Data-oriented tool that lets you capture upcoming client's business contacts and email information and build targeted lists so that you can level-up your marketing game and grow your sales.

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šŸ”„ Reach new clients by getting hold of their business email information.

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Source B2B emails with a lot of ease.

AI enabled software that lets you extract relevant leads for your business based on particulars like job-role, location, industry and size of an organization.

Create list of targeted clients.

Now easily approach new clients by creating a list that contains their contact details such as email, name, company name, phone number, etc.

Export unlimited new contacts.

Now users like you get to easily grow their sales and fill their sales pipeline by downloading infinite new leads for their businesses.

Capture contacts and emails.

Our search feature will help you filter your search results on the basis of company's size, location, industry type, job-title, etc and extract relevant leads by gaining direct access to unlimited leads and easily exporting the same to Excel.

Best-in-class software for creating targeted lists.

Now access unlimited emails and contact information and easily approach your targeted audience.

Create targeted lists easily in real-time.

We not only ensure that our contact information is totally validated but we also make sure that we clean all your existing account as well as contact information to make sure that you recieve the most accurate data.

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Take our comprehensive data into your use.

We are currently partnered with multiple data providers to ensure that we recieve maximum data that is completely reliable, authentic and relevant and that too at minimum costs.

We let you capture relevant and customized data only.

Our software will give you access to infinite email information so that you can easily generate more sales.

Easily find emails.

Build resourceful targeted lists from B2B social media with a lot of ease and source relevant contacts and export the same to Excel and get them uploaded to the CRM or share them with your team members.

Invite infinite users with no restrictions at all.

We give you unrestricted team access. Now you can invite unlimited users to use our product and download unlimited leads that are daily delivered.

Capture unlimited emails from unlimited websites. Light on pocket plans.

Unlimited access only with Extract Candidates.

Enjoy infinite access and infinite download with Pro Plan exclusively brought to you by Extract Candidates. Our pricing plan is transparent, no extra fees to be paid later.

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Easily export emails to your MS Excel.

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Over 10,000 businesses find our product useful.

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